Seeking alliance for 2

Hey everybody, I'm looking for an alliance for both of my accounts. I would prefer them to stay together but I'm not against splitting them up if needed.

About Me
Decent skill
Can be a boss killer
Clear war paths with limited or no deaths
EST timezone

AQ map 5/6(only map 5 for lower acct)
AW plat4(gold 1 is fine if it's close to plat 4 cutoff)
Line for communication


  • JonarcJonarc Posts: 96
    Hi there, we have a veteran alliance doing Map5 in 3 BG, currently Gold 2-3 AW in season. Your account prestige fits well with our squad. Whats your LINE ID?

    You can reach me (LINE) at: jonarctargaryen
  • Hello, currently we are short people but when we have 30/30 we run 5/5/5 for aq and war is gold 2 currently but can easily push to gold 1 (we used to be gold 1 comfortable but have had off seasons so pushed down a bit)
  • Hi, I just created my own alliance and looking to recruit members to join. Very chill and no stress. You can reach me through the game name “Alliance Force”. Thanks
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