Crystal odds

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Ever since the big update a month or 2 ago, I've now opened like 4* more phc without a 4* champ as I've ever opened, which means the odds have to be way down, also out of map crystals, haven't got a cat in forever either, anyone else noticed how low odds are now compared to before?


  • Yea I have noticed that too. I now know that the spinning is purely cosmetic but even so i have never gotten even a 3* out of a phc for maybe even a year
  • ConquestConquest Posts: 16
    I dont get 4* champs from premiums, I see alliance members get them every so often but its not something I mind, premiums are easily attained and so a high drop rate would make the 4* crystal less valuable

    One every couple of months wouldnt be bad though lol
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