7mil Alliance // Lionhearted // Fast Paced Alliance Looking For 4 Active Players

Alliance: Lionhearted

Standard **** here, folks. 7mil alliance. We do AQ 5x5. (Sometimes Map 6 on Day 1). Defender diversity in AW is 100% organized so we're dominating that, too.

We do all alliance events and play to progress! We are looking for a few players that play with a championship mindset.

If you're active, communicate, and can fight...you'll fit right in.

Line / IGN: Tonic24k


  • I'm very active and i need a serious alliance
  • JejxncJejxnc Posts: 8
    What are the player requirements?
  • Thanks for inquiring guys. We filled up quick and I just thought to post an update.
  • ShadowWolfShadowWolf Posts: 4
    edited October 2017
    What's the Requirement???
  • ShadowWolf wrote: »
    What's the Requirement???

    This post says it all. Standard ****. AQ 5x5 so obviously donating is a requirement. We do all alliance events. So obviously participating in those is a requirement. But anyway, I've already said we're full so this is a dead thread. In any case, if ya just read you'd be able to discern what's required.
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