Will Thanos ever get a buff?

RookiieRookiie Posts: 4,038 ★★★★★
Please don’t go on attack mode. I know he’s a trophy champ.
I’m just wondering, would love to hear it from Kabam if possible.


  • KerneasKerneas Posts: 3,116 ★★★★★
    I feel like he is low on prio list because the goal of the buff programme is to make champs available for most players. So while Thanos is weak (let's face it), he isn't gonna be buffed. It is a wasted potential for a widely available champ.

    However I think he could definitely get some spicy synergy like Kang-Apocalypse, that would make him at least niche and not just a dust collector
  • GrandOldKaiGrandOldKai Posts: 639 ★★★★
    I really thought they'd at least give him a synergy like Kang's

    as much as I hate using synergies to make champs more playable
  • GrassKnucklesGrassKnuckles Posts: 1,529 ★★★★★
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