Abyss: The final path and rewards opening

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Here we go.... Final path in abyss, and this one was by FAR the most stressful. I did this path about 2 weeks ago, and I wanted to get it done so that I could spend the rest of my units on gifting. Went for the purple path on the map.

The Squad (same as path 4):
5* R5 Sig 200 Aegon
6* R3 Sig 0 Doom
5* R5 Sig 40 Torch
6* R3 Sig 20 Red mags
5* R5 Sig 120 Void

The Stash:
3828 units
2 level 2 revives
1 level 1 revive
112 free crystals

The Journey:

IMIW went well. Used Mags and used the same strategy as before (sp2 armor break and sp3 while maintaining it the whole fight). Only problem was the chip damage since you can't parry stun on his repulsor attacks, but still managed to pull through. Solo.

Invisible woman was annoying. Used this fight to get aegon to 500 combo, but I was only taking off about 5% per try. Then I tried using torch, and he actually kinda worked out! Basic strategy is to block as many specials as possible with torch. Have willpower to negate the block damage via the exhaustion debuffs and do not use the pre fight so that you can bypass the power stings. Play aggressive, spam sp3 and you will be fine. Used 6 revives on aegon and 3 on torch to put her down.

Gulk was a bit more annoying this time. Got unlucky on several occasions and he didn't proc the regen, so it took 7 revives to get him to 25% with void. However, the final 25% only took 1 revive thanks to mags. Max despair is ideal here, but I made do with 1 point. Remember that gulk is NOT metal in the abyss, so just try to spam sp3 with mags and max prowess, and let the bleed damage do the work here.

YJ was okay. Use Mags, push him to sp2, and pray he doesn't throw it to avoid the power sting. Best way to prevent him from throwing specials is to back up against the wall, then hold block until he dashes at you. Dodge the first hit, then parry the next attack. A lot less frustrating than my first run against him. 4 revives.

Mordo sucked as always. Used doom and the infinite sp3 cycle, and prayed that he didn't evade. 3 revives

Mephisto got cooked by torch. Solo with pre fight on.

Thor was annoying. Basically, while he has a debuff on him, he gets a huge power gain (10% of MAX POWER per second). Used mags since he was metal, but you need to get lucky and pray the sp3 bleeds don't trigger his power gain. To get around this, make sure you have max pacify mastery, then throw sp3 while he is stunned to greatly reduce his AA. Make sure that he has his personal power gain active before throwing the sp3 in order to disable it (the one that comes every 20 hits, not the abyss node). No need for sp2 armor break here (obviously) but its still a case of RNG since it seems that abyss champs have slightly higher base AA. However, if you do get lucky, I believe that mags greatly outshines both doom and aegon in this fight. 4 revives.

Aegon was fairly straightforward. You have -100% offensive ability accuracy outside of specials, so the doom cycle does not work here. However, with doom, you can hit him to trigger the furies, then wait and let them expire. If you have mystic dispersion (I had 3 points), then you get a lot of power once they expire, meaning that you can throw sp2s like crazy. Managed to get him down with 2 revives using this strategy.

Sinister was a torch cheese fest. Play aggressive, don't use the prefight and bait sp1 to transfer those incinerates back. Be aware that sinister LOVES throwing heavies out of nowhere, so be nimble and you'll be fine. Spam sp3 to build more smoulder and its a good time. 2 revives.

Thing was fairly straightforward. Used aegon and built his combo to about 750 here. Watch the rock stacks and the protection, and try to use the heavy to get the fury. 3 revives.

Red skull was as long as always. Use doom, infinite sp3 cycle, then throw a massive sp2 above 2 bars when he is about to enrage. 5 revives.

Bishop got overloaded by doom (again). Play aggressive with the infinite sp3 cycle and hold block to prevent him from throwing specials. Easy solo.

SS was crazy long and annoying with torch. Try to get as much damage as you can before he gets the power flood. Ideally you want dex off for this but I was too lazy and slugged through it. 7 revives.

Masacre was a cheese with aegon. Use the first enrage to hit him and build the block penetration charges, then go bananas in the second phase by hitting into his block. 1 revive, got Aegon to 900 combo here.

Omega was easy. Got aegon to 999 combo here, then finished with mags. 1 revive.

Medusa was easy. Infinite sp3 cycle with doom. 1 revive.

Now Cable.... sucked big time.

The plan was to use void and reverse his healing to get him down. However, the problem was that I tried to get fear of the void and at least 1 petrify before trying to push him over a power threshold. This caused me to get cornered on several occasions. To make matters worse, the regen is not a guaranteed proc, even after the first enrage, which meant that some tries I was not dealing any damage. On top of that, whenever you land a crit on him he gets a charge, allowing him to deal energy damage into your block.

At this time, my stash was getting scarce, had about 700 units left plus 14 freshly bought single revives. Having already spent about 10 revives on him, I thought I was going to be roadblocked.

But then, on the very next try, I got the petrifies straight away, and he procced the regen a crazy amount of times. Got him from 90% to 10% that try before I died from the block damage. Since cable doesn't proc the regen below 20%, I managed to finish the rest with mags in 1 go.

Moral of the story, void works great for cable if you get lucky, but mags is by far the safer option since he is metal. Just make sure you throw the sp3 when he is stunned to prevent the degen from triggering.

Karnak went down in 2 revives. Spam heavy with aegon in the corner and its easy.

Collector was intense, since I didn't have many units left. However, aegon and his heavy attack managed to pull through, and I finished with 128 units left, plus about 2 single revives left. Everything else, including my free crystals, were completely spent.

And just like that, I had done it. Abyss 100% explored, without spending any real life cash. I was thrilled!

Now for the big rewards opening and rank ups....

Went with skill for my abyss nexus, wanted to awaken fury or dupe thor rags for prestige. Unfortunately, neither of them showed up, so I ultimately chose mole man. Still not a bad pull, just slightly worse than the ideal scenario.

Opened 3 6 star basic crystals, got air walker, x-23 and cosmic spidey. RIP

Haven't opened the T5CC yet, have a lot of it in the inventory so I'll open those once I get some more R3s

Generic awakening gem ultimately went into Fury, took him to R3 shortly afterwards.

Pulled 5* sunspot from the abyssal chest so yay I guess.

Final tips:
1. I honestly believe that this is the hardest path in abyss. Between cable, thor and the other annoying fights from path 4 it can definitely be a struggle, bring lots of units (at least 4K plus a developed revive stash)
2. Imo mags is a better abyss horseman than fury, destroys almost all of the metal fights and can still shred many others, even if they aren't metal. Basically what I am saying is BRING MAGS FOR ANY PATH, HE COMES IN CLUTCH.
3. Have patience, and don't give up if you are going for exploration. You can do this, even if you are F2P like myself. Just grind and play well and YOU WILL GET THROUGH IT.
4. Have a bigger stash than mine. As previously mentioned, at least 4K units and a stash of potions, free crystals and revives is typically safe for each of the paths if you have a plan and the right champions.

And with that, I have fully explored every piece of content in the game. Probably gonna shift into semi-retirement after this since there is nothing better to do now.

Cheers, hope this helped!


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