Wish crystal isn't coming early 22?

I don't see any updates on wish crystal.. Should we stop "wishing" that it will be available even next year? It was supposed to be available by early'21 but with release notes next month.. I won't see anything on that.. Or did I miss something?


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    Hopper1313Hopper1313 Posts: 30
    Black Friday deals had almost a wish crystal with the 6* 2020 champion selector. You could pick any champion released in 2020. Highlights there were CGR, ibom, spider-ham, moleman, sorc sup, hit-monkey, sasquatch, apoc, prof x. You had to spend something like 15k units to get to it, and then 3k to buy it. So 18k units total.

    That selector is very different from what they said wish crystals might look like. In their July 2020 dev diary they said, "One example of how this might look – A Cavalier Crystal but you choose 5 Champions from each Class (30 total) to make up the Crystal."

    Idk about you, but a "wish crystal" with the same drop rates as a cavalier with a pool of 30 champions that you pick, doesn't sound very fun. 3% chance at a 6* and then 1/30 to get one specific champion you might be looking for (0.1% to get a specific 6* champion). But if it's like that 6* 2020 champion selector, then expect to spend $500 to get one. Whatever they're doing, I wouldn't get very excited tbh. I'm assuming that it's either going to be super expensive or no better than featured cavs / cav nexus crystals.
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