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11.7K prestige account looking for a home. I don’t mind AQ 4-7. And AW lowest would be gold 2. Skyboy11_1 In game. I have like and discord


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    freezerfreezer Posts: 36
    I've added you in-game, what's your line ID? Thanks
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    AcornagentAcornagent Posts: 131
    Add my line: acornagent
    Map 6/7 p3
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    TW1800TW1800 Posts: 163
    Absolutely hit me up Trey1800 for full detail
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    Hi Shadow_Blade11,

    In case you're still looking, I think we might be what you're looking for:

    We're an active, friendly, helpful Gold 2 Alliance very well on our way to Gold 1!
    AQ we do 3 BGs of map 5 with a mix of Epic and Master mods, so we achieve at least the 250 Millions milestone.
    That gives us about 4,4k Glory per week.
    We have different Line Chats for better communication and organization.

    We're looking for 1 serious player with the same goals to replace one of us who can't participate as much due to the timezone difference.
    Requirements are Cavalier or above, ~10k Prestige, ~900k Base Hero Rating, min 4 x 5*r5/6*r2 Defenders in AW

    We're a good group that has been together for a while now and just want to finetune.

    If that sounds interesting to you, hit me, another officer, or the leader up on Line or directly ingame.

    Alliance Name: [BDWA] Bada$$ Warriors
    Leader: anaxagoras 70
    Justy75 (GMT)

    Hope to hear from you soon!
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    SupermancaSupermanca Posts: 222
    We score 390M in AQ and we do 5 and 6.
    AW Gold 1.
    Alliance tag: G2050
    Line app: Superman.ca
    ingame name: Superman.ca

    Hit me up and we can bring you in when you are ready.
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    Tseramed19Tseramed19 Posts: 35
    Please consider checking us out. AQ and Line are mandatory. We run Map 4 in all 3 BGs, with modifiers, and get about 140M score. AW is optional.

    my ign: SturmBreaker. Line too (i think). you can message me in game, to start.

    Ally name: "Fire Resistance". Part of the Resistance family of alliances.

    We'll have some room after gifting rewards come out Jan. 6
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