How to get 4 star awakening gems

Hey I'm looking to awaken my Hercules and Doctor Doom and its so hard to pull them out of the crystals so how do I get awakening gems.


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    ARW2000ARW2000 Posts: 53
    Your best bet are the Supreme solo crystals which have a 3% chance,
    Fully exploring act 4 rewards a generic gem, duping a max sig 4 star gives you a crystal with a chance,
    and next months side quest will have one.
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    JJMACJJMAC Posts: 87
    If you had a 4 star awakening gem would you awaken a 4 star hercules, 4 star doctor doom, 4 star Nick Fury or a 4 star Corvus Glaive. I have had trouble with that.
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    Barani7daBarani7da Posts: 663 ★★
    I would Awaken Nick
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    Fury for sure. Once he’s awakened, he plays more like a 5✰.
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