How to get T4 Basic

Hey I'm looking to rank up a few champs and I have all the T1 Alpha and T4CC I need, but I struggle to get T4 basic so does anyone know how to get them?


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    Adamb208Adamb208 Posts: 152
    Lots of options. Buy from the glory store, run the Carina Asgardian Cheddar challenge, run the daily proving grounds quest, wait for the t4b arena and grind out 2 million points, variants have fragments (classic versions), and heroic and master EQ. If you ever want to see quickly where you can get any catalysts needed to rank up a champ, select that champ and hit upgrade. On the upgrade screen there is a button that says find catalysts. If you click it, it will list where you can find each type of catalyst.
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    JJMACJJMAC Posts: 87
    Thanks! That helped a lot. I'm gonna do the provings grounds quest rn.
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