Contest of weirdos is back! Looking for a handful of members to fill in the 3rd BG. M6& Plat AW

After a brief hiatus from taking it easy we are getting our group back and ready to make the contest weird again and bring it to its knees.

We are a group of long time players that know how to have a good time and how to climb the ranks while we do it. We're looking for players that know how to win. Don't need babysitting and enjoy having fun with the group while doing it. Our chats aren't PG so if having fun while playing this game is what you're into, you may already be a weirdo.

What we do and what we're looking for.

Map 6 with mods-100% completion every day
AW- skies the limit. Looking for guys who aren't afraid to use resources to avoid deaths, we assign paths, plan diversity and communicate.

Looking for recruits to be
-at least 11k prestige
-Have LINE and don't have problems communicating
-experience in platinum level wars

Life comes first and we get that. We want you to enjoy playing this game and not feel it's a job. So if you don't have the experience or skillset to make sure your paths are done in a timely manner and need constant tags, this isn't the place for you, we have lives as well and can't be stuck on our phones tagging slackers.

So if you're looking to start having fun in this game again, move up the ranks and not stress about teammates holding you back, let's talk and get you into the alliance you will never want to leave.

LINE and IGN- Captdeadp00l


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    Captdeadp00lCaptdeadp00l Posts: 186
    Only a few spots left to fill. Holding spots for new members who are waiting for SA and gifting rewards as well. Alliance prestige should be around 13k and 2-2.5 mil PI when we fill up
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    Captdeadp00lCaptdeadp00l Posts: 186
    Still looking for a few more
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