No Monthly Compensation?

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Not sure if I'm the only one, but shouldn't we also receive a monthly compensation for the ongoing issues? The ones with L5 Potions, L2 Revives and Large energy refills?


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    Why do this monthly compensations show up everytime there is a new EQ...
    And then the complaints about monthly EQ...
    Btw thanks to everybody who bashed last month EQ... Now they are back to class and boring as hell
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    jondark86 said:

    @Kabam Miike I am a daily reader of this forum and I only see your answers in what is related to money.... Can you people be a little more subtle at that? and start answering questions.

    Here are some:

    -Loading time is getting worse.
    -No endgame content...
    -All the fun stuff is related on buying things instead of playing.
    -As a endgamer.... Can you answer were i can get more t5b ???? lol. I have more than 50 t2a in overflow... Something is not working.
    - No compensation for Al the bugs we have with parry, dex... And for all the other problems... Something like Thank you A LOT for playing MCOC ???

    Regarding the t5b, the game kinda wants to encourage players to rank 4 5* to use them. But what im more concerned is why the need of t4b in r2 a 6* champions
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    They're probably coming on Wednesday. I'm sure you've noticed that that's when they drop the aw and aq comp
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    So many crybabies
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    Best expression of your feelings is with your CC.
    Comparing my game issues against an operating system, or another phone or tablet that works is ridiculous imo.
    No compy, no spendy.
    I can do this all day lol
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    They don't want to double dip the Holiday Calendar too soon. Maybe everything you've been given except for AQ/AW is just something they removed from somewhere else. 😉
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    I don't know why they stopped doing them. For the most part I'm not seeing the issues as bad as they were.

    What content are you working on currently

    It's kind of to the point I feel where most people are just playing the game normal, or at least it feels this way.
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    Got it now! Thanks Kabam Team!
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