Fire Immune

Shouldn't Phoenix, Ghost Rider, Red Hulk, and robots all be Fire Immune? Especially with Mephisto being released? Doesn't seem fair that the only way to get around it is to have Mephisto or Iceman


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    Didn't mephisto give Johnny blaze the ghost rider but ghost rider beat him. Anyway they won't give ghost rider that kind of immunity they keep saying it won't be balanced yet look at iceman he is a god tier champ and I have never seen anyone praise ghost rider as a god tier, in my opinion I cannot see rider being at god tier level even with the extra immunity they just use their own logic. (The fact that his fire breath does not cause an incinerate alone baffles me)

    Red hulk is another one who would make sense but he cannot always be immune I think I am pretty sure he has to get extremely mad to withstand it and then his body heats up

    Phoenix I am not sure about and she is one of my favourites she can maybe stop someone in their tracks who is a person with fire but her body being immune would not make sense.

    Vision is a robot who would make sense I think to be fire immune because of his special vibranium body but not too sure about all that.
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