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Announcing: Bounty Missions

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Hello again everyone!

It’s been some time since we introduced a new feature into The Contest, but that’s about to change! Alongside our Champions of Valhalla event, we’re announcing a new feature called Bounty Missions!

Bounty Missions are short, specific objectives that are activated by a member of your Alliance through participating in different areas of The Contest. Once they are activated, they are active for a set amount of time, and unlock an associated quest for you and your Alliance to play while the Bounty Mission is active. The Bounty Mission contains bonus rewards for whoever triggers it if enough Alliance members participate in it by performing the required actions.

For our Champions of Valhalla event, there is only one type of Bounty Mission available: Tests of Valor. These Bounty Missions can be discovered whenever an Alliance member earns Valor; the more you earn at once, the higher your chances of discovering a Test of Valor!

Test of Valor quests are short, 2-fight quests with 5 paths that only need to be completed once to earn maximum rewards. Each of the 5 paths has 10 possible enemies, and a set of buffs specific to those Champions, so it’s up to you to choose which path you’d prefer to take to the final boss, who will always be either Hela or Thor (Ragnarok).

The Test of Valor Bounty mission awards 100 5-Star Shards to the initiator of the Bounty Mission if 15 Alliance members (which complete any difficulty of a Test of Valor. Alliance members can only contribute a maximum of one time to each Bounty Mission, however you’ll want to play all 4 difficulties of a Test of Valor to earn Crystal Shards and as much Valor as possible!

Once the Bounty Mission’s participation goal is reached, a message will be sent to Alliance members letting them know the Bounty Mission is complete, and another will be sent to the Initiator with their prizes. If the Bounty Mission still has time left, it will remain open for other members to continue to play and earn the quest completion rewards.

There’s a lot of smaller details, so I’d encourage you to take a look at the Q&A below to get acquainted with the ins-and-outs of the feature.

Do I need to be in an Alliance to participate in Tests of Valor?

Yes. Only players who are in an Alliance will be able to see and trigger Tests of Valor Bounty Missions. If you’re not in an Alliance, the forums are a great place to find one! Check out our Alliance Recruitment forum HERE. You will also need to be level 10 in order to participate.

How do I “discover” a Test of Valor Bounty Mission?

Bounty Missions in general are discovered by participating in different areas of The Contest, however Test of Valor Bounty missions in particular can be discovered when you earn Valor. In general the more Valor you receive from a single source, the higher your chances of triggering a Test of Valor. If you want more information on where to earn Valor, check out our forum post detailing the rest of the Champions of Valhalla Event HERE.

If I earn Valor from completing a Test of Valor quest, can I trigger a Test of Valor Bounty Mission by completing a Test of Valor quest?

I know that’s a mouthful, but no. Only one Test of Valor can be active at a given time, so any Valor earned from the Tests of Valor themselves will not trigger another one.

How will I know when a Bounty Mission is discovered?

It depends on where you are! If you are in a fight or in a quest, a popup will appear telling you one has been triggered (it will only pop up after the fight is finished, not mid-fight). This popup will tell you how long is left in the Bounty Mission, as well as who discovered it, and will also have a button to go directly to the associated quest.

If you’re in a menu, a small popup will slide in from the bottom of the screen letting you know who triggered a Bounty Mission. In addition to this, a button will appear in the top of all chat windows for the duration of the Bounty Mission with a button to go to the associated quest.

Lastly, for those who are not playing the game at the time of activation, everybody in the Alliance who has push notifications enabled will receive one letting them know a Bounty Mission has been discovered.

How long do I have to complete a Test of Valor?

Once discovered, the Test of Valor Bounty Mission itself will be around for 6 hours, however once you enter any of the difficulties of the quest, you will have 1 hour to complete that instance of the quest. Between the quest time limit and the Bounty Mission time limit, you will have whichever time is lower to complete the quest (i.e. if the quest time limit is 1 hour, but only 20 minutes remain in the Bounty Mission that the quest is associated with, you will only have 20 minutes).


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