Stupefy Mastery Does Not Extend Gwenpool's Stun Time [Not A Bug]

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I have reported this before, but wanna keep it in the spotlight until something is finally done about it.

Gwenpool has a stun time of .75 seconds. Maxed Stupefy Mastery is supposed to extend that time by another .50 seconds... making the total time 1.25 seconds. It does not. At all.

Please address this Kabam.

I have tested this dozens of times, but anyone else here can back me up. Her stun is over in less than a second, even with maxed Stupefy Mastery.

And its a Big Deal, because that could give her a Huge Advantage as an attacker. Its the way the mastery is intended to work.
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    If you searched the old forums for Limber and Stupefy, you'd run across a bunch of similar posts.

    My experience with masteries not "working" was with Limber.

    I never noticed as many issues with stupefy, but that's because the old stun times for BB and Thor were LONG. They were so long that if you were stunned by them, you could tell the stun duration wasn't half of their normal stun times, but it was tough to recognize a duration increase.

    What I'm saying is, you're probably not crazy but you're not going to get an answer that will do anything but infuriate you. At least now you if you have the latest iOS you can screen grab your fight and put use a timer to measure stun lengths. The biggest thing holding me back from getting anything done about my Limber issue was concrete evidence.
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    Hey @HQ101. I checked this, and I was able to verify that Stupefy does increase Gwenpool's stun duration. You can test this by recording yourself stunning someone with Stupefy active, and then without it, then comparing the video. I hope this helps!
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