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So I pulled a 6* Hit Monkey from the new featured and was excited but then realized I’ll probably rarely use him since I have an awakened 6* Nick Fury (and an awakened 5/65 Fury). Are there any instances where it would make more sense to use HM over Nick? He’s a cool champ, I like him and I’m not complaining but I’m hoping I’m over looking some way he might add something to my roster. So I was hoping someone here might point out some scenarios where Hit Monkey is worth using over Nick Fury other than preference or Fury being used in AQ/AW. If my suspicions are correct that’s cool I’m grateful for a new/cool champ but I’d love to learn he can do something Nick cannot.
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    The guaranteed crits with Hit Monkey can come in clutch, such as with certain nodes.
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    Variant 8
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    Thank you all I hadn’t thought about suicides or V8. Exactly the kind of feedback I was hoping for. I don’t run suicides now, probably why I didn’t think of them but it’s good to have options if I go that direction someday.
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