Quicksilver Idea

Quicksilver Class: Mutant ☆☆☆☆☆
Stats: (Based on R5 LVL65 champion)
Health- 29,565
Attack- 2420
Armor Rating- 0.0%
Armor Penetration- 0.0%
Critical Rating (Chance)- 21.4%
Critical Damage Rating- 184.8%
Critical Resistance- 0.0%
Block Proficiency- 62.3%
Block Penetration- 6.9%

Tags and Bio:
Combat Style: #Offensive: Raw Damage
Attributes: #Hero #Size: M
Organization: #Avengers #X-Men

Pietro Maximoff is a mutant with the ability to reach hypersonic speeds. He and his twin sister, the Scarlet Witch, were among the earliest members of the super hero team, the Avengers. Pietro later joins the all-mutant super hero team, the X-Men and was once married into the Inhuman Royal Family. Despite his alliances with various super hero teams, Quicksilver’s history is not without dark moments, as he eventually learns that his father is the powerful villain, Magneto, which pits Quicksilver against his former allies on more than one occasion. Pietro was also the subject of an awful retcon that turned him into a human mutate rather than a mutant, but we don’t talk about that.

Signature Ability: Hypersonic (Sig 200)
If Rapid Metabolism is on cool down, Quicksilver’s Special Attacks immediately end cool down.

Mach 5 or above: Whenever Quicksilver triggers a Precision buff, he has a 50% change to trigger a Cruelty buff, lasting five seconds and increasing Critical Damage by X.
Mach 10: Quicksilver gains an Aptitude buff, increasing the potency of his Fury and Precision buffs by 50%

• Quicksilver’s mutant physiology provides full immunity to slow effects

Rapid Metabolism
• Quicksilver begins the fight with an indefinite Rapid Metabolism passive, granting him a regeneration rate of 15 health per tick and reducing the duration of debuff effects by 50%.
Mach X
• For every 10 hits on the combo meter, Quicksilver gains a passive Mach charge, up to 10. Mach charges increase regeneration rate by 1.5 health and reduce debuff duration by 2.5% per charge.

When knocked down
• Rapid Metabolism goes on cool down for 12 seconds, Quicksilver’s attacks do not add to his combo meter while Rapid Metabolism is on cool down

Special Attacks:
Quicksilver’s Special Attacks are unstoppable and unblockable
Special One: Barrage
Quicksilver rushes his opponent with a flurry of attacks
• Each strike has a 50% change to grant a stacking Precision buff for 5 seconds, increasing critical rating by 250 per stack (Max 5 stacks)

Special Two: Supersonic
Quicksilver attacks with blinding speed, striking his opponent from all angles
• Gain a Fury buff, increasing attack rating by 1000 for 10 seconds
• If Quicksilver breaks his opponent’s block, inflicts a Disorient debuff for 12 seconds, reducing ability accuracy by 85%

Special Three: Cyclone
Quicksilver’s speed generates forceful winds, slamming into and disorienting his opponent.
• If no Disorient debuff is present, inflicts a 20 second Disorient debuff. If a Disorient debuff is present, is converts to an indefinite passive Disorient.

Family Support: Scarlet Witch, Magneto (House of X)
Quicksilver: The first time Quicksilver is knocked down, Combo Shield is activated, preventing the loss of Rapid Metabolism and Mach charges
Scarlet Witch: Power Drain only affects opponent
Magneto (House of X): Increase Prowess limit on heavy from 3 to 5

Cruelty of a Father: Magneto
Quicksilver: Double the chances to trigger a Cruelty buff
Magneto: Reducing incoming damage while charging heavy by 50%

Team Mates: Iron Man, Captain America, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch
All Champions gain +155 Critical Rating

For Sokovia: Ultron
Quicksilver: Against #Avengers, Quicksilver gains 1 Mach charge when using Special Attacks
Ultron: The first time Ultron is struck by an attack while not blocking, automatically enter Evade function


  • ShadowstrikeShadowstrike Posts: 1,685 ★★★★
    He's going to be classified as science.
  • Newman0067Newman0067 Posts: 52
    Horrible idea
  • Pseudo_19Pseudo_19 Posts: 212
    I don’t understand how people still think he will be mutant. He will be science.
  • Inked84Inked84 Posts: 14

    Horrible idea

    I still don't trust Brits that don't drink beer or watch football... so your opinion is questionable.

  • Inked84Inked84 Posts: 14
    Pseudo_19 said:

    I don’t understand how people still think he will be mutant. He will be science.

    Well let's see... could be because he was a mutant for over 30 years before he was retconned into a human mutate due to a contractual conflict, which I addressed in the character bio. I'm aware of the current indication in the game that he will be a science champ but this was written before that was released and doesn't really change much about the mechanics.
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