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Spider-Man Symbiote Full Overhaul Concept (Bully Maguire)

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Symbiote Spider-Man is a champion that I always forget is in the game. When anyone someone asks, "Who do you always forget is in the game?" My answer is always, "Elsa Bloodstone." But this isn't about Elsa, Elsa is boring. Back in 2015, when he was first released, no one had heard of the name Bully Maguire. But now all I can think of is what an updated Symbiote Spider-Man could bring to The Contest. Here is my concept.

About Spider-Man (Symbiote)
One of Peter Parker's most famous and notorious costumes enters The Contest to unleash its alien powers. Cosmic in origins, this dark version of Spidey's suit has a mind of its own.

Spider-Man's Mechanics

Spider-Man's gameplay is primarily focused on building up Bully Debuffs. These debuffs both provide additional attack, and lowers the opponents Ability Accuracy. These debuffs also provide with their own additional effects.


All stats that are shown are based on a 5 Star, Rank 5, Level 65 Champion

Health: 26,420
Attack: 2.769
PI Without Signature: 8,350
PI With Signature: 11,000

Character Class: Cosmic

Basic Abilities: Bully Debuffs, Slow, Armor Break, Cruelty


* Big Damage Potential
* Spider-Man's ability to stack Bully Debuffs provide additional attack, that stacked with his Heavy Attack Armor Break has great potential for some really great damage.

* Counters Miss, Evade, Unstoppable, Purify, and reduces Ability Accuracy
* Spider-Man's persistent Anti-Miss ability counters Miss, his Special 1 applies a Slow debuff, and against Non-Mystic Champions can counter Passive Purify Abilities. His Bully Debuffs also apply Ability Accuracy Reduction.


* Ramp-up Time
* Spider-Man takes a bit of time to fully ramp-up, but this becomes easier with his Signature Ability.

* Immunities
* Spider-Man's main access to damage comes through his application of Bully Debuffs, so if the opponent is Immune to Debuffs, then he can loose access to his big damage.



* The Venom Symbiote quickly tends to Spider-Man's wounds, shrugging off Bleed Effects 70% faster.
* At the beginning of a fight Spider-Man will say, "I'm Really Gonna Enjoy This." This has no effect.

Against Non-Mystic Champions

* Opponents suffer 65% Purify Ability Accuracy reduction.

I Missed The Part Where That's My Problem

* Each time Spider-Man is caused to Miss, gain +10% chance to bypass Miss. This is not affected by Ability Accuracy reduction and the chance to bypass Miss persists throughout the quest.

Bully Debuffs

* Spider-Man is constantly throwing jabs and insults at his opponent. Every 10 seconds Spider-Man says an insult to his opponent. These insults take the form of Indefinite Bully Debuffs. There are a max of 5 Bully Debuffs, and their order is determined based on what jab Spider-Man says.

* Gonna Cry? - Inflict Petrify, reducing the opponents Ability Power Rate and Regeneration Rate by 70%.

* You Are an Embarrassment - Inflict Power Suppression, reducing the opponents Combat Power Rate by 25%.

* You're Trash - Inflict Physical Vulnerability, reducing the opponents Physical Resistance by 1,500.

* Stings, Doesn't It? - Inflict Power Sting, each time the opponent launches a Special Attack, deal 150 Direct Damage to the opponent. This damage doubles for every Special Attack the opponent throws.

* *Oooh* - Inflict Taunt, reducing the opponents Attack by 20%, and increases their chances of throwing a Special Attack by 50%.

* Each Bully Debuff provides the following benefits:

- +1384 Attack.
- Reduce the opponent’s Ability Accuracy by 15%.
- Gain a passive 2% chance to Evade an incoming Attack. This Evade will not trigger through a Well-Timed Block.

My Back…

* While Spider-Man is suffering from 5 or more Armor Break Debuffs, or an Armor Shatter Debuff, he removes all Bully Debuffs from the opponent. He cannot place anymore Bully Debuffs on the opponent while suffering from these effects.

Heavy Attacks

* Place an Armor Break Debuff on the opponent, reducing their Armor Rating by 1,500. Max: 5
* Refresh all active Slow Debuffs on the opponent.

Special Attacks

* These Attacks are Unblockable if all Bully Debuffs are active on the opponent.
* Spider-Man will say the name of the Attack as it is being launched. This has no effect.

Special Attack 1 - I’m Gonna Put Some Dirt in Your Eye
With unlimited web from the symbiote suit, there’s plenty to go around.

* When Dirt is put into the opponent’s eyes, they are inflicted with a Slow Debuff for 10 seconds.

Special Attack 2 - How’d That Get in There?
Two feet in the face, courtesy of your “friendly” neighborhood Spider-Man.

* This attack has 100% Critical Hit Chance.
* If this Attack landed as an Intercept, then all Bully Debuff status effects are doubled.

Special Attack 3 - Now Dig on This
The symbiote suit gives Spider-Man the strength to deliver more than just pizza.

* This Attack grants Spider-Man an indefinite passive Cruelty, increasing Critical Damage Rating by 1,677.

Signature Abiltiy - Drive That Funky Soul

* At the beginning of a fight, place a random Bully Debuff on the opponent.

* Spider-Man while killing the opponent will say 1 of 2 insults to the opponent, depending how high his health is.

* Above 50% Health: See Ya Chump - Start the next fight with 10% - 33% Max Power.
* Below 50% Health: Good Riddance - Regenerate 10% - 25% missing Max Health.


Look at Little Goblin Jr. - Unique - With Green Goblin and Red Goblin

* Spider-Man (Symbiote): While fighting #Sinister Six champions, gain +20% Attack.
* Green Goblin: Gain +50% Attack for each Cunning and Madness of the opponent.
* Red Goblin: Incinerate Debuffs gain +25% Potency.

No, They Got My Name Wrong - Unique -With Peni Parker, Spider-Man 2099, and Spider-Ham

* #Spider-Verse Heroes gain +15% Attack and Armor Rating.

You’re Trash Brock - Unique -With Venom and Anti-Venom

* Spider-Man (Symbiote): Gain +15% Attack while the opponent is pinned up against the wall.
* Venom and Anti-Venom: Gain +100% Attack while pinned against the wall.

I Love You Guys - Unique -With Spider-Man (Classic) and Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced)

* Spider-Man (Symbiote): Bully Debuffs gain +15% Potency.
* Spider-Man (Classic): Gain +100% resistance to Shock effects.
* Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced): When gaining 1 Poise Charge, gain an additional one.

So that’s my concept. If you don’t want to buff him, that’s cool. But Kabam, if you’re reading this, all I ask is that you update his Victory Animation.

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