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My Groot buff idea :)


Groot is a character I personally love so it’s quite disheartening how bad he truly is in the game. So I thought I’d do a buff idea for fun which makes him a lot better as well as synergies which improves the guardians of the galaxy as a whole :) The idea is that the player can choose whether to play for utility or damage whilst still keeping to his base kit. The idea means Groot isn’t completely useless whilst stacking pacifism charges, the player can control when or if to activate his pacifist charges. He requires some ramp up, especially for the top damage, but the extended buff duration and ability to turn them into indefinite buffs will give him some big potential damage. He also has some potential in defence but he should be pretty easy to counter. The synergies do not benefit Groot but instead provide much needed help for other guardians of the galaxy to make them somewhat usable in the game. Enjoy and tell me if I have put something stupid or simply if you think the idea is bad lmao. The stats are based on 5* r5.

Health = 29,500
Attack damage = 2,950

A lack of blood provides full immunity to bleeding.

Whenever either champion is knocked down by a special attack in the fight, Groot gains 1 Pacifism charge. Depending on how many pacifism charges Groot has on him, he gains certain abilities:
-At 1(+) charge(s) Groot’s attacks can no longer be missed
-At 3(+) charges whenever Groot dashes, his first attack will be unblockable (cool-down of 15 seconds)
-At 5(+) charges Groot’s special attacks will now inflict a non-stacking armour break for 20 seconds which reduces armour rating by 1200 (5*r5) and removes an armour up.
Groot can stack up to 10 Pacifism charges, each also granting 100 critical rating, 8% faster debuff shrug off and increasing block proficiency by 150. Charges will be carried across fights as a persistent charge.

Heavy attacks
On landing a heavy attack Groot throws of his gentle nature and subsequently removes all pacifism charges on him. For each charge removed, Groot gains a fury and cruelty buff increasing his damage by 500 and his critical damage rating by 150 for 20 seconds.

Special attack 1:
This attack pierces 85% of the opponents armour and changes 1 active fury and cruelty buff to indefinite. Only 10 can be made indefinite in a fight and these do not carry between fights.

Special attack 2:
This attack is unblockable and also throws of Groot’s gentle nature. Furies and cruelties gained this way last for 40 seconds instead of 20.
For each pacifism charge thrown off, Groot will also activate a delayed regeneration buff. This lasts for 10 seconds and can be removed if Groot is intercepted or if it is nullified. At the end of the timer, Groot immediately regenerates 3% of his max health for each pacifism charge removed from by the special attack.

Special attack 3:
100% chance to inflict a bleed debuff dealing 1000 damage over 10 seconds for each fury and cruelty on Groot.

Signature ability: Baby groot
Once in a quest, if Groot dies and the summoner wins 3 fights, he will come back to life with 5% - 40% (dependent on signature level).

Groot - Star Lord
Star Lord - Medium hits add 2 hits to his combo instead of 1. (This synergy cannot stack)

Groot - Rocket Raccoon
Rocket - Whilst his shield system is active, Rocket will reduce any next hit to 0 damage and remove one shield buff on himself. This counts for blocked hits and all special attacks.

Groot - Gamora
Gamora - Critical hits will pause all personal buffs on Gamora for 1.5 seconds.

Groot - Drax
Drax - Sword attacks have an 80% chance to inflict armour breaks reducing armour rating by 50 for 15 seconds. At 5 armour breaks, they are converted into an armour shatter reducing armour up ability accuracy by 100%, reducing armour rating by 1000 and reducing robots ability accuracy as well as combat and ability power rates by 100% for 20 seconds.

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