Help Wanted! AQ Maps 5/6/3; AW Gold 2

Looking for two more players! Our needs are simple: Consistently join both AQ and AW, clear a lane (your choice which!), and get along with your fellow alliance members. That's pretty much it. Most of us are adults, including a lot of 40-somethings, so maturity and responsibility are expected. But we keep things relaxed and stress-free!

  • Maps 5/6/3, all five days.
  • Group assignments are flexible. New members should be ready for at least map 5.
  • The third group may soon be bumped up to map 4 for higher scores.

  • Gold 2 seasonal rewards.
  • Only two groups, so everybody can skip a few wars if they feel so inclined. Plan on attending at least 9 out of 12 during seasons.
  • Participation is neither required nor expected between seasons.

  • This is a well-established alliance, with a strong and stable core.
  • We have players from at least four different continents, so we're accustomed to varying time zones.
  • Most of us have prestige values between 10 and 11k. Some are substantially higher.
  • We use Discord instead of Line, and keep notification spam to a minimum.

Come find me in Discord! Adjerius#0265


  • AdjeriusAdjerius Posts: 68
    There is still time to join and qualify for this season's war rewards!

    Of course, we are looking well beyond the current season, and as such we're hoping to find people who will become long-term members. A lot of us have been here for several years already.

    Let's talk!
  • SPARTAN0078SPARTAN0078 Posts: 95
    Sent u a req on discord mate , I am currently 9.2k prestige and req on discord comes from see awesome yo
  • SPARTAN0078SPARTAN0078 Posts: 95
    Sent u a friend req from the same name “see awesome yo” in game as well
  • AdjeriusAdjerius Posts: 68
    We DO still have a spot open, even though the in-game roster is at 30/30 right now. We could also make an additional spot--for the right candidate.
  • Ronaldo16049Ronaldo16049 Posts: 17
    Sent you a request
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