I want my account back

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I lost my account a year ago from deleting the game, I got it again and my account is gone and I forgot my login info


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    Hi Benthebest,

    Welcome to the Marvel Contest Of Champions Community! Our Support Team will work with you to recover the account. Please make sure that you provide as much of the following information as possible to verify your account:

    What was the original player name of your account? Write this name exactly as it appeared in the game.
    What are your first two real-money purchases? Include the dates (yyyy-mm-dd) and the amount of real money you spent on iTunes or Google.
    Did you ever attach a Kabam ID to your account, and what was the original email address that was linked to your account? Write the exact emiail address you attached to your account as a Kabam ID.
    What country, province, state, or city were you in when you created your account?
    What is the creation date of your account? Estimate the date (yyyy-mm-dd) of when you created your account in the game.
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