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Earlier glory store reset

Isn't 8 days a little ridiculous? I get it for early cav and below players but it's not like the store gives any usable amount of r3/r4 resources, so why does it have to take 8 days to refresh? All I ever buy is tier 4cc from it and I never get the right class anyway so it would be nice to not have to wait 8 days for it to reset especially because there really aren't that many ways to get tier 4cc anymore


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    GrassKnucklesGrassKnuckles Posts: 1,924 ★★★★★
    It’s meant to reset when AQ resets so don’t expect a change
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    MrSakuragiMrSakuragi Posts: 4,600 ★★★★★
    It should reset when we get glory, not at the beginning of the cycle.
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    Wildblue333Wildblue333 Posts: 404 ★★
    We need some Teir 5 Class CC offered. I have such trouble getting the class I need
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