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I’ll admit that I can be pretty confused when it comes to this game and it’s nodes and character abilities. I have been caught being that guy that doesn’t get it several times. However tonight I was doing the tech path in 7.1.3 with the gloves are off that says if a tech attackers loses their armor up buff they have a 30% chance to gain a fury for 10 seconds. I ran the path twice, because reading hulk busters nodes I thought I could just blast him down with guardian which I found out the hard way that just would not work. I saw spiked armor and was like guardian and completely ignored hit me if you dare. Anyways both times I ran the path I did not gain a fury at all. That’s 12 fights I never saw a fury buff at all. Biohazard has a 20-25% chance for a bleed which procs more than the fury did on this path. Both warlock and guardian gain their armor back after like 15 seconds, not sure on silver centurion, which you are supposed to get an increased chance at the fury but I still never saw 1.

Also, I’m aware imiw armor is passive I just brought him with because why not. I also don’t run pacify.

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    Yeah I guess the post in the bug section is what I missed, dang.
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