Very Active looking for ally. Looking to be an "Officer"

Hello everyone. I am hoping to join a new ally as an "officer" to help with war defense and attack along with paths for AQ. I do not want/need the officer promotion in the game just want to "control" aspects of the ally to make it better. I have played maps 4-8 and up to tier 2 AW. Very Active and have way too much free time. Feel free to drop your line or discord if you think I could help your ally.


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    Hello mate, PM: Onelife2live4 and let talk.
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    Space_Crusader01Space_Crusader01 Posts: 93
    edited January 2022
    HMU if you’re still looking.
    LINE: crusader01
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    Hello friend, you can look up our alliance. We won lots of wars and we have pretty good war ratings. We got couple strong players look over for our wars tactics, and we could use your help to make us stronger. Search “Alliance Force” in game and here’s my line “khiem02”.
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    sam41990sam41990 Posts: 3
    @Shadow_Blade11 I love the strategy behind war and would definitely like to discuss having you as an officer. I do very complex and high level war attack planning for my BG. I’d like to see how you do things and compare notes. You are exactly the type of person I’m looking for. My kabam and Line ID are sam41990. Looking forward to hearing from you.
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    Kirgan74Kirgan74 Posts: 10
    Have you joined an alliance yet? If not, Game and Line Id is Kirgan73.
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    I reached out to a few of you guys. Check line
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    ZirgzZirgz Posts: 41
    add me on line. lets chat ..id is zirgz

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    AQ: We run 66655, 66555, 5555. 320m+
    AW: 2 BGs during the season. Gold 2. Currently at tier 4.
    if you're still looking, hmu on line fohi89. ign TikerClaw
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    RaiderbobRaiderbob Posts: 169
    Our alliance is OLDGU

    PM me on LINE chat. ID RaiderBob
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    3xad3m3xad3m Posts: 91
    Alliance name Dias 2018, tag levb
    Plat 2-3, tier 2-3
    Map 6

    IG and Line ID: 3xad3m

    Let me know if you are interested to discuss more on Line
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    PleasureDomePleasureDome Posts: 93
    Message me on line, ID is: pleasuredome

    Map 8x5
    Relaxed 2 bg wars
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    Thank you to everyone who reached out but I found an ally.
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    OnkyOnky Posts: 334
    We are running map 556, for 350 mil. Very chill no drama alliance. I could use an officer to help tag people in line app when necessary. I'm a very involved leader, my line id is onky707
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