Failed to log in, while logging out...

I'm on the iphone7 running the latest ios 11.0.3 and the latest MCOC V15.1.2, Everytime i try to log out and switch accounts i get the msg - FAILED TO LOG IN Cannot connect to the network. Please check your connection and try again, with a Green button that says RECONNECT, When i click this green button that says RECONNECT nothing happens it just loads the same screen with the same error msg and the same greeen RECONNECT button, therefore i have to close the game and when i reload the game it ALWAYS brings me back to the same account,
even if it wasnt the account i was on or trying to get on. THEN when i enter in my log in info for whatever account i want to play it ALWAYS asks me - ACCOUNT ALREADY LINKED Do you want to login with this account? where i have to click the Green button that says Login..after doing so the game starts loading and never loads... it stays on the loading screen forever, so again i have to force close the game and reopen. This was NEVER an issue before, i could simply log in or out of accounts with no problems or delays by just entering the log in at the log in screen, Also i have no issue when logging in when using my Samsung Tablet(android) device, but i dont like using this device. PLEASE help me resolve this issue, its getting to a point where i dont even want to play anymore becuz it takes me 5 mins just to log in.


  • I've also reset my phone, reset the network settings, deleted MCOC and reinstalled, None of this helped....
  • IS this a Known issue or am i literally the only person this happens to?
  • Im getting it as well started a few days ag. Also iphone7+ latest updates on MCOC and phone.
  • Do you guys found a Solution for that? Because I having the same problem now with my iPhone x
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