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Aw wrong tier after matchmaking

We were tier 3 and then it dropped us to tier 4 after matchmaking. Is this a bug? Can it get fixed as it will affect our season points quite a bit.


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    TreoTreo Posts: 389 ★★
    edited January 2022
    Seems I am not the only one here.

    We dropped from 5 to 6 … suddenly unexpected on a different map ….

    And we dropped a tier this season already due to losing … but tier 4 & 6 ain’t that close together normally that you get there in 3 losses. At least was never the case might be of way less people are actually playing …. But to know that we need a comment if there is something gone wrong or just less alliances playing making the tiers smaller
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    TreoTreo Posts: 389 ★★
    Why is nobody talking about this
    2040 tier 6 2188 tier 4 both this season …. Usually tier 5 was way longer ???
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