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War tactics tiers

What tier are war tactics active? Thought it was tier 5 and higher. We are in tier 6 with tactics active.


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    Ramil0222Ramil0222 Posts: 65
    Zan0 said:

    You’ve matched a tier 5+ alliance and are playing on their home field

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    QuikPikQuikPik Posts: 810 ★★★★
    And you'll only get tier 6 multiplier even more awesome !!
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    Ramil0222Ramil0222 Posts: 65
    QuikPik said:

    And you'll only get tier 6 multiplier even more awesome !!

    Yeah…. We won…. Fun times.
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    AdjeriusAdjerius Posts: 68
    I really, really, really wish they would make some of those "advanced" war features optional. Specifically defensive tactics and attacker bans.

    An alliance moving from tier 6 to tier 5 gets hit with that stuff at the same time as when they're trying to figure out all the new nodes on the harder map. Maybe a highly dedicated and competitive alliance can handle it, but not everybody playing at or around that level is that kind of alliance. For "regular" alliances who might not even do formal lane assignments, it's just too much to take in all at once. As it stands now, an alliance that's good enough to win consistently at tier 6, but not organized enough to even compete at tier 5, has a strong incentive to periodically lose on purpose just to avoid all the extra complexity that comes from tier 5 wars. That should never be the case.

    It would be better, not to mention less demoralizing, if alliances could transition into the new map first--without worrying about all those extra complexities. Then after they've had time to adjust, they can figure out how to deal with defenders that don't behave the same from one war to the next, or find alternatives to their go-to attackers suddenly being unavailable.

    Obviously the scoring system would have to be reworked a little bit, because the alliances who take on those extra challenges deserve to be rewarded for it. But that's easy enough to to by simply carving out part of the existing point modifiers, and only applying those portions to alliances that opt-in for the advanced features.
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