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Stacking Power not working in Side Quest?

I’ve tried She-Hulk for the Legendary SQ of Savage Lands and her stacking Furies are not stacking power gain.

She gains Furies at a possible rate of 11% per attack. If I gain one Fury, I receive Power but for any afterward, no gain.

It doesn’t state that the same buff doesn’t stack, so would assume that each buff I gain, my power should increase.

Am I misunderstanding how the node works? Thanks for input.


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    MaratoxMaratox Posts: 1,562 ★★★★★
    You shouldn’t be receiving power for any of she hulk’s furies because they aren’t buffs they’re passives. The node clearly states only buffs grant power
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    RexnSpikeRexnSpike Posts: 63
    Thanks for the responses. 🤦🏽
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