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legend run on an Android

KRANꓘKRANꓘ Posts: 127 ★★
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I was thinking about making a legend run in Feb EQ.
My team is planned to be R3 Corvus & R3 Ghost both duped and of course full suicides.
My concern is that I play on a Samsung Note 9 running Android 10.
Most Info I have seen on this is that people are using IOS, I understand the game (should) runs smother on IOS.
I guess what I am really after is if anyone has attempted this challenge on an Android and come out with the title?

legend run on an Android 11 votes

I have a legend title using an Android
BlackPhoenix44 1 vote
I have tried on an Android and was unsuccessful
TimeGenesis 1 vote
Odds are not in your favor
causticFilledPizzaKrishna24ShiroiharaVictorVonDoom568ShenkFerahgoDrako232Suelgaming 9 votes
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