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Grandmaster Arena Crystal Only gives gold

I have opened over atlas 150 arena crystals and still have yet to get 1 4* Punisher and out of all those crystals maybe pend 5-10 of units and 1 Full recharge. I I don't need that much gold. I just spun one crystal a literally passed up 5 4* Puns and maybe 5/6 5* Puns but landed at gold. Then will pass tons of gold to still land on gold. This crystal system seems rigged.


  • They messed with he drop rate so ppl would have to buy units for their horrible drop rate feature crystals
  • WaldoWaldo Posts: 38
    Opened these today. Did well enough, but it’s all luck really.
  • Monkey17288Monkey17288 Posts: 99
    The BC do drop a lot less units. Even the normal ones. It's sad that you put in effort to get that many BC and just get gold. A while back there were people posting they needed more gold so I hope they happy they get gold instead of units. For me I have over 15m in gold and this just disappointment for me when I open any BC now.
  • dkatryldkatryl Posts: 672 ★★★
    I opened 2 batches of 10 today, got about 400 or so units in the first batch, and another 4* Punisher in the second batch.

    I've had many batches of all gold, but I've had batches that paid out as well.

    It's all RNG.
  • JaffacakedJaffacaked Posts: 1,415 ★★★★
    edited October 2017
    450k bc an all I got was 75 units
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