Looking for a R5 option - found a bug instead?

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TL:DR - what is going on with Block damage? I'm seeing Wasp taking less block damage than Luke Cage or Hulk - surely this is a bug?

I was playing around in RoL looking at my next potential Science R5: probably either Luke Cage or Gladiator Hulk, although Wasp is an alternative. All reasonably solid champs with different niche utilities (feel free to express recommendations below). I use the other a fair bit, but wanted to get a feel for Hulk and how easy it is to get the most of of his SMASH attacks; as I've not really played with him much before.

I noticed that Luke was taking more block damage than Gladiator Hulk, despite having a higher Block Proficiency, and fairly impressive Physical Resistance. So why was he taking more chip damage?

And then I thought '"Wasp! She's bad at blocking, isn't she?"

So I tried her out, and took a few screenshots with just the three of them on the team (no active synergies).

The screenshots below are against Winter Soldiers SP2, which you kind of have to block - it's not really dodgeable. Luke takes slightly more damage than Hulk. And Hulk takes more damage than Wasp.

Let's say that again and let it sink in: Hulk takes more block damage than Wasp!

Luke Cage:
  • Block Proficiency - 3075 (60.6%)
  • Base Armour - 307 (13.3%)
  • Physical Resistance - 1366 (40.6%)
Gladiator Hulk:
  • Block Proficiency - 2610 (56.6%)
  • Base Armour - 579 (22.5%)
  • Physical Resistance - 0
  • Block Proficiency - 1311 (39.6%)
  • Base Armour - 481 (19.4%)
  • Physical Resistance - 0
So this must be a bug, right?

Wasp clearly has lower block proficiency and lower base armour than Ghulk: yet she's taking less block damage than he does. That doesn't make any sense.

Luke's Block Proficiency is the highest; and his Physical Resistance dramatically higher than Hulk's armour. So, why is he taking the most block damage? Is his Physical Resistance not reducing block damage at all? If so, is that standard for all Physical Resistance?

This may get moved to Bugs at some point, but I fancied getting a bit of traffic first (it's quiet in Bugs and Known Issues).

Anyone have more insight into how Physical Resistance works whilst blocking? Does PR apply differently to the way Armour does? Or is there something different about Luke's 'against non-critical hits' physical resistance?

And also, I'll welcome any opinions on/uses for Luke Vs Ghulk Vs Wasp for R5?


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    Wasp gave him Weakness debuff, reducing the attack
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    You put weakness on winter soldier with wasp
  • MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 4,113 ★★★★★
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    Okay, yes of course, that's the explanation for Wasp. Can't believe I didn't notice that Weakness debuff: need more coffee.

    However, I'm still wondering why Ghulk's base armour is so much more effective than Luke's Physical Resistance. Shouldn't Luke be taking the least damage by far?
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    It's classified as a PHYSICAL PROJECTILE attack on auntm.ai so maybe projectiles aren't affected by physical resistance. Try blocking some basic attacks and see if the direction of difference persists
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