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i've played mobile games for quite some time... a lot of big name games. i'd like to say i've never seen such a dumpster fire in any of the other games. most of those games have required much more intense communication between server and client sides. many of those games didn't have hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue.

why is it you can't get your act together? it's not a cash flow problem, obviously. it's not an issue with trying out new, advanced, and untested technologies. you're doing basic stuff here, from an IT standpoint. you have the money to hire quality developers and the time to do proper testing. why do you refuse to do those 2 simple steps? and after refusing those tried and true methods of proper software distribution, you drag your feet in sending out information to the users. you send out forum mods, who either don't have any real information or have their hands tied as to what information they can give. they simply attempt to placate the masses and do a poor job of damage control.

this is amateur hour stuff. and you're not supposed to be amateurs any longer. that ship sailed looooooong ago.

i know this won't get any real response. but as a business owner, it's offensive to me that you continue to function in such a ridiculously inefficient and backwards manner. maybe i'm just jealous that you have the ability to be awful at this and still make silly amounts of money. your product has great potential. i just wish i believed you could make it reach that height. unfortunately, i think that's impossible. maybe it's management and not the developers and testers. maybe management hamstrings the whole deal. it happens, sometimes. as a whole, you're as bad at handling your product as any company i've ever dealt with. i wish that i could screw up so badly, so many times and still keep my company going and raking in dump trucks full of cash.

i know you won't correct things as a whole. i know you'll continue to send out your kabam baghdad bob's to tell us everything is fine/everything is working as intended/we're addressing the issues/etc etc etc. it's just sad. i'll stupidly continue to hope for the best, but i'm a realist... and we all know at this point that you're just putting out updates so you can say you have new content. too bad you have zero knowledge of what else will happen when those updates are pushed. too bad the product isn't anywhere near as important as the profit. too bad your customers are seen as so unimportant. too bad you think everything will be alright as long as you hit your monthly "new player" quotas. too bad.


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    There are working on it​ there time they probably just got up calm down everything takes time
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    Sorry, but that's incorrect. Server monitoring alerts them at all times. You really think a company this big with these revenue streams simply works a 9-5? Lmao that's pretty funny.
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    On the plus side, it is giving everyone the opportunity to write and post their dramatic that part makes it worth it....

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    Lmao. True. Lemme go take down that left side mini boss in war and I won't have time to spend here
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    Here, after the dumpster fire aq situation, is where I point out exactly how correct I am lmao. What a joke of a company.
  • It's shocking. I have no words left for them.
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    Their head of engineering needs to come into the forum and address the community.
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    You know why they exist mate? Because ppl are like "no! I wonr spend money until its fixed OH LOOK 100 DOLLARS FOR A SHE HULK, YES!"
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    nope wrote: »
    Here, after the dumpster fire aq situation, is where I point out exactly how correct I am lmao. What a joke of a company.

    So quit.
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    You would think a multi-million dollar company could afford to hire some competent developers and testers to maintain the game. It's just one screw up after another lately. They fix one thing, ten others break...
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    There are many that are so fed up they're looking for a reason to quit. There are many who spend great sums. After being locked out for 7 hours and then having our alliances cycle of play totally screwed for the week by this AQ fiasco,bi have to say, it makes it difficult for me to motivate the members of my alliance.

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  • I agree about this not being an issue of cashflow. But for me and mine after the last 12 hours of incompetence of Kabam our flow will lessen
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    Yea, game has been in a rather bad state lately. But this got to be as annoying for them as it's for us, so let's hope they get a grip on it.
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    Wow they are quick with deleting even moderately negative comments nowadays. It is their forum so they can run it like a dictatorship if they wish but damn it is really restrictive. Hey Mods NetMarble is out South Korea not North Korea FYI
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    What was deleted?
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    nope wrote: »
    What was deleted?

    I had a comment deleted yesterday and a warning was sent to me for beeing abusive and bashing others, when i basicaly just said that they shouldnt bring back rank down tickets because it wouldnt make sense, i used NO bad words towards anyone, and when i tried to ask what exactly i did wrong, mod didnt answer. so i sent the whole conversation to another mod. guess what he didnt answer either! seen both of them post here several times since!
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