Evade/Dash back disabling Parry

Surprised this is still being swept under the rug. Whenever you dash back; evade; you cannot land a parry. This has been proven in countless videos on reddit, youtube & alliance chats. Parry just does not respond at all. The only way around it is to dash back and allow your character to start moving forward. Parry will then work again. Another work around is to dash back and throw 1 attack into the air. Parry will then work again.

This is quite annoying because you are forcing a ton of block dmg with end game content or against aggressive AI in AQ/AW and EVERYWHERE. This has been going on for 4 weeks and I still see no mention or acknowledgement from your team.

I have even told our entire alliance to treat every fight like a stun immune rhino so you can do double evades and create distance to allow parry to work again. This is on all accounts, devices and using any champion. In aggressive fights you will be backed into a corner so fast due to this parry bug. Do the math on all the scenarios involving this.

What bothers me is that if we were using some parry trick to gain an advantage in this game you would have it fixed ASAP. This is not the case here though since you are making item sales on block chip dmg or against players who don't realize why their parry isnt working and just blame themselves.

Prove it yourself. Show me any video where you do a single evade and land a parry immediately after by an aggressive opponent. It doesnt exist. Try it yourself Kabam and please say something about it. I think you got enough potions and revives due to it.


  • Mirage_TurtleMirage_Turtle Posts: 1,232 ★★★
    There has always been an invisible “reset time” on parry after an evasion. If you dash back and you’re followed by an opponent, you can block them, but you won’t be able to parry unless this timer resets, which basically means your backwards dash is done and you’re back in a neutral position.

    Since you keep bringing up aggressive opponents, I’m guessing this is what you’re experiencing. I don’t notice any difference on parry in the last 2 years or so
  • KerayZKerayZ Posts: 175 ★★
    So why does it work if i punch air? Or if i do a double evade? If its an intentional reset time on parry punching the air wouldn't reset it immediately. Am i wrong here? Try it yourself. Also if you quickly block moving forward and let go you can't parry either even if you perfectly time it and have distance. If you agree with this even though the mastery states otherwise idk what to say.
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    From the mastery page:

    Timing a Block right when attacked reduces damage by 15.0%. If contact is made, Stun attackers for up to 1.5 second(s). Stun duration increases with Perfect Block Chance.

    Nowhere does it say; unless you evade; dash back; pressed block earlier and let go. So you're 2 year debate is mute. This effects everyone from the end game to the new players. New players even more so. Do you think they know the work arounds? No. They just think they messed up. When in reality due to the game mechanic they never stood a chance at getting that parry and eat the block dmg.

    To the END game players. Kabam just made a boss(mephisto) that is designed to back you up. You still think its ok that your parry doesnt work by doing so?

    Please test it yourself. Do an evade and just punch the air and your parry will work every time. Do an evade and don't punch the air and you'll never get it. Same goes for when you are moving forward and just tap block. You are cancelling any chance of getting a parry. It makes no sense. So either add all the if's or elses to the mastery description...or fix it please.

  • D_S_D_S_ Posts: 159
    I agree and raised this concern a while ago. Kabam said it was just an issue with nebula and swept it under the rug
  • Agree completely same is happening with me
  • D_S_D_S_ Posts: 159
    I used to be able to do a combo, dash back and then immediately parry. Now, as it’s stated before my champ has to start moving forward a little bit before the parry will register
  • KerayZKerayZ Posts: 175 ★★
    Yeah i'm surprised more folks aren't up in arms about it. Its like they have just accepted it as OK to exist.
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