Alliance War Season 32

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Season 32

Welcome back to the changing of the war season, Summoners!

We’re back to our regular Season schedule, and after the addition of Bans last season, we’re keeping the changes contained to Tactics and Nodes this season while we let the full effect of Bans settle in.

We’ve definitely seem some top Science champs hit the ban list pretty regularly, and since Bans have only had 1 season to run, we don’t want to tweak then just yet, our new Attack Tactic Defiance should give you some new options to deal with tough Defenders who’s best (or at least most common) counters frequently attract bans.

Best of luck for Season 32, and may your opponents Specials always be easy to bait!

Tactic Updates

Attack Tactic
#Defiance Attackers gain Immunity to Buffs. Whenever this Immunity triggers they gain a non-stacking +250 Energy Resistance Passive for 10 seconds.

Abomination, Agent Venom, Black Panther, Captain America (Infinity War), Falcon, Gwenpool, Hawkeye, Hit-Monkey, Hulk, Hulk (Ragnarok), Abomination (Immortal), Hulk (Immortal), Invisible Woman, Joe Fixit, Karnak, Killmonger, Masacre, Spiderman (Miles Morales), MODOK, Mr Fantastic, Ronin, She Hulk, Spider-Gwen,Spiderman (Stealth Suit), Yellowjacket.

Expert Map
Power Down replaces Slow Your Roll as the Attack Tactic
  • Attack: Power Down
  • Defense: Unstoppable Armor - 2
Challenger Map: Pick 1 of 3 (from Attack and Defense)
*NEW* Unstoppable Armor replaces Regenerator
  • Attack: Defiance, Power Down, Slow Your Roll
  • Defense: Unstoppable Armor - 2, Untouchables - 2, High Ground - 2
Hard Map: Pick 1 of 3
No change to Hard Map Tactics
  • Attack: Defiance, Power Down, Slow Your Roll

Node Changes

We are looking to do some minor tweaks to miniboss nodes to help both spice up the flavor of the fights, as well as spice up what we believed were low performing nodes.

Live Date

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

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