Gold2 3BG, AQ 6/6/5 Looking for 3

We're a friendly growth oriented alliance with with a great community on Line.
11k prestige
We're running:
AQ: 6/6/5 (have run 7/6/5 on occasion during the off season of AW)
* BG1 with 5x master mods
* BG2 with 5x Master mods
* BG3 with 5x Master Mods
* around 370 Million points (4500+ Glory weekly)

3 BG (AW required)
Gold 2 (we were on the razors edge of Gold 1)
tier 5
current goal: G1 then on to plat 4.

Looking for 3 players for map 5 or 6 . >10k prestige. Varied rosters are a plus. Line required.
If you're interested, comment here and/or add me in game or on Line: Turboesq.


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