Blade’s S3 Animation

This is not an important discussion by any means, but I am curious about Blade’s S3 animation. He throws his fidget spinners passed his opponent and you see them circling back. Blade begins to slash his enemy. Finally, the fidget spinners strike the opponent from behind Blade. Did the fidget spinners boomerang back and forth in the air? What gives?


  • caligarelinquocaligarelinquo Posts: 218
    Fidget spinners? Really?
  • Etaki_LirakoiEtaki_Lirakoi Posts: 480
    edited October 2017
    Fidget spinners? Really?
    I know what you mean man, this is Blade we’re talking about. They aren’t fidget spinners, they’re fidget winners.
  • TwuntTwunt Posts: 149
    In order to keep the velocity of going back and forth in the air, they must be fidget spinners to keep it going. What would you call them?
  • NormanBJJNormanBJJ Posts: 302 ★★
    I just want to know why they are so **** big, in the movies the were small, in MCOC they are like dinner plates
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