Need 1. 62 mil alliance over 12k prestige. Map 6 with a war focus

Contest of weirdos is looking for 1 new member. We are currently running map 6 all bgs with heroic mods roughly 500-525 finish. The focus is AW. Everything is planned node placement, defenders and paths. 3 bgs focusing on NOT dying.

We need new member to be active and not need constant tagging for aq or aw.
-12K+ prestige
- be good at comms, if you aren't good at tags ( if you're doing you're job, disregard) find a different group.

We are a group of veterans who just want to be able to log in, do what is needed to move up and not have to babysit and if this sounds good to you, let's talk. LINE&IGN captdeadp00l


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