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11k Pres Player - Looking for a G1, G2 Alliance

Looking to move up from my current alliance. Some of our alliance members have left and I'm wanting to progress more. We finished War in S2, in previous sessions we have finished in S1 bracket. Seeking Map 6 preferably as well. I can send photos of my rosters and looking to help build and cater my roster to my next Alliance.

Line- MrBstrong


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    Line ID bigchees243. We are gold 2aw almost 300mil aq. Looking for strong people so we can do 1bg map 6 for at least 2 days to start
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    KronkKronk Posts: 23
    Line ID: ikronk. Game ID: iKronk

    We are consistently Gold2/1, but always looking for actve war players to push higher. AQ we run all map 5, 260+ mil = 4350glory per week. We don't run map 6 cos it honestly is not worth it for a measly glory bump, plus its relaxed enough for all to enjoy and not have key champs tied up.

    We are an active alliance and we are looking for active players. If interested send your details on Line app
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