Recruiting! AQ Map 5 and/or 6, AW Gold 2

We need to replace a few inactive members. We're looking for the kind of players that join both AQ and AW consistently, and clear their lanes all the way to the end without being asked.

Our core membership is solid, we just need a few more dependable people to ensure our continued success. The game gets a whole lot simpler when everybody can be counted on to do their part!

  • We mostly run map 5, with some map 6 depending on interest.

  • We compete in tier 6, and earn gold 2 rewards.
  • Plan on attending at least 9 out of 12 wars per season.
  • No (meaningful) wars between seasons.

  • We use Discord, and try to avoid unnecessary notifications. You don't have to chat, but we do expect you to pay attention to alliance-related discussions.
  • The overall atmosphere is flexible and laid back, without a lot of micro-managing.
  • We have players from at least four different continents, so we can work with any time zone.
  • If you're into incursions, we've got a few members who are always looking for new partners.

If interested, come chat with me in Discord: Adjerius#0265


  • AdjeriusAdjerius Posts: 68
    The next war season is starting soon. Join us!

    AQ, of course, is ever-present.
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