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Sunnyz_786Sunnyz_786 Posts: 260 โ˜…
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Guillotines unblockable attacks/specials are actually blockable. ๐Ÿ˜ถ
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    So the thing about the unblockable when unshackled is that itโ€™s a fluid effect. Meaning that youโ€™re only unblockable so long as you have 10 souls for the duration of the special attack. The SP1 wonโ€™t be unblockable unless you use it with 20 or more souls, or manage to gain your 10th soul right after launching the attack because you consume 10 souls when launching the special attack 1 to inflict the additional pain link debuff.
  • Sunnyz_786Sunnyz_786 Posts: 260 โ˜…
    Oh ok thank you
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