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Battlegrounds Issues [Merged Threads]



  • Fire_3Fire_3 Posts: 121
    I've wasted so many energy refills and energy in general, just for it to be wasted on 1 disconnected round.
  • Adi_tyaAdi_tya Posts: 94
    Well, I finally managed to play 1 match completely without getting disconnected
  • ChristoChristo Posts: 20
    edited March 2022
    Last night it was an infinite loading screen and t

    hat was fixed. But now i can get a match-up but get kicked every time, either constant connection issues or just leaves me with a black screen and sometimes i just sit and stare at a timer instead of actually fighting... I realize it's a beta and I know that we are going to need to work out all the kinks, its just disappointing... Been looking forward to this for a long time.
  • Nightkiller7314Nightkiller7314 Posts: 117
    matching system works ok now. the only issue is getting disconnected. hope this gets fixed soon aswell
  • EtherionGodEtherionGod Posts: 243 ★★
    The mode fully works for me now, I've played 3 matches and won them with no disconnects. It's a lot of fun.
  • winterthurwinterthur Posts: 7,191 ★★★★★

    The mode fully works for me now, I've played 3 matches and won them with no disconnects. It's a lot of fun.

    It is a lot fun to play with good connection or because you won. ;)
  • Adi_tyaAdi_tya Posts: 94
    Finally managed to play uninterrupted
    B2B victories
  • SearmenisSearmenis Posts: 1,545 ★★★★★
    I don't care about the energy, that s why they gave us 5 refills, I do care about the points I m losing every time the match is lost. I played 5 times so far, all lost because of the disconnection, I m 50 (?) points down. What s gonna happen with those?
  • spacejumper5193spacejumper5193 Posts: 143 ★★
    I am enjoying the game mode, but losing because the game is constantly disconnecting you and then freezing your screen is rather annoying. I know you guys are looking into this, but every time I complete the first match, I've been disconnected going into the second fight. Then after I restart the game, it takes me into the fight with 20 seconds or so left. After that my game screen has been completely freezing up. Just providing my experience so it can get resolved moving forward.
  • VannulloydVannulloyd Posts: 11
    I have the "little" problem that after selecting a defender and an attacker the match starts and automatically sets a connection problem that make me lose the game instantly. I have altready lost 30 battlegrounds points and 30 energy is this just for me?
  • Mojave_ChicMojave_Chic Posts: 38
    I would pick my characters for a fight and the game would randomly switch them last second (for attack and defense). Don’t think I actually got a chance to play any of the fights with characters of my choosing.
  • This thing betrayed me 3 times this day all my energy refills lost.
  • VannulloydVannulloyd Posts: 11
    Oh ok sorry
  • Jack_Driscoll13Jack_Driscoll13 Posts: 12
    My opponent chose his defender for the 1st match, I chose my attacker accordingly only to face a different defender in the actual match. So it was my Punisher 2099 vs. his Hyperion instead of his Omega Red.

    Plus, when preparing for the 3rd match, the screen just froze at 0 seconds "Opponent Picks Defender" and nothing happened after that.
  • JustanameJustaname Posts: 4
    Experiencing issue where the champ showing on "defense" isnt matching the one I'm really fighting.

    For example during the champ selection Im facing Kingpin, but in reality its CGR.

    Also in recommendation, I would put a separate bar of energy, so we can continue to complete other content after doing some battleground fights.

    Thanks!! Very fun feature, it needs to continue.
  • Adi_tyaAdi_tya Posts: 94
    Now it's like-
    1 game - let them play
    Next game- Oh wait, let's give them connection issues
  • Adi_tyaAdi_tya Posts: 94
    I mean how do they expect us to even win the 20 matches required for the complete objective?
  • Theflashseas10Theflashseas10 Posts: 142
    Lost connection lost fight
  • Theflashseas10Theflashseas10 Posts: 142

  • Theflashseas10Theflashseas10 Posts: 142

  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 20,097 ★★★★★
    edited March 2022
    Thank goodness it's just in beta... you know... so these things can be found. But I am sure you knew it's an open beta for a unfished product and there will be issues right?
  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 20,097 ★★★★★
    Adi_tya said:

    I mean how do they expect us to even win the 20 matches required for the complete objective?

    Again... do you not know what open beta means? How many times does it need explained here? They came out and said to expect issues and it's not a finished product. The objectives are there just for place holders and a little rewards for this beta. The connection issue has improved significantly.
  • ShahintzShahintz Posts: 1
    I'm really angry and frustrated because every time I tried to enter Battle Grounds, I had the message "Your connection is down" even though I had a stable internet connection. Four times!
    It not only affects my resources, it also affects my rating
  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 20,097 ★★★★★
    They gave you 5 free refills. That's enough for 23 matches. They are aware of the connection issues. Keep in mind that this is a beta test. This is part of how open betas work.
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