Need new alliance

Looking for a new alliance, have experience in p4 and map 6. Add me on gamechat RAVEN1815. Have discord or line.


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    TrooperJoeTrooperJoe Posts: 241
    Line: trooperjoe

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    TriguyTriguy Posts: 61
    hey Raven1815, tried adding you in game but requests are disabled. Reach out, i think we could be a good fit - Line ID - runfastdaddy
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    RaiderbobRaiderbob Posts: 169
    We’re a Gold2 ally and run AQ 5/5/5 with 3 BGs for AW. Organized with a stable core

    Message me on LINE

    ID is RaiderBob
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    AmhraAmhra Posts: 19
    Hey there,
    we run map 6 and solid gold 1 alliance, close to plat 4 currently,

    Line is amhracobbold if interested
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    SupermancaSupermanca Posts: 222
    We are Platinum 4
    AQ 665 and score 410M
    Add me if interested
    Ingame Superman.ca
    Alliance tag G2050
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    CourtbearCourtbear Posts: 167
    Ingame isn’t accepting friend requests.
    I run an all map5 chill 46mip ally (270m/4K glory) | opt AW | Cavalier/10k PI min | line used

    Ingame or Line to chat, ID is the same
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    Andy3202Andy3202 Posts: 62
    Hey!! Reach out to me on line @ andy3202

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