13579rebel_13579rebel_ Posts: 1,048 ★★★
Hey guys and gals, I normally try to figure out things for my self but 6.2.2 is killing me the path is pretty easy until Emma frost who burns all my revives then I get to sinister who feels super tanky On my 1st run I brought hype but the power gain on sinister was to much so I tried she hulk next but she wasn't doing enough damage a what little damage she did he'd just regen any tips are appreciated note I don't have Heimdall and angela
5* r5 CAIW sig 110 BWCV sig 60 CGR sig 20
6* r1 Ibom VTD Spider Gwen HT Sunspot
5*r4 Venompool Hype sig 20 Apoc sig 5 lvl 37
5*r3 She hulk longshot sig 60 nick piggy sig 40 mysterio red guardian ghulk
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