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I’m getting ready to do 6.2.6 Champion and I’m trying to pick a mystic to take up for the first part of the fight

**Whoops forgot I also have a sig60 5* Diablo I can take up to 5/65. I can’t seem to add it as a choice but feel free to mention Diablo in your comments if you think he’s best..

Rank Up 13 votes

6* Unawakened Symbiote Supreme r1-2
6* Unawakened Tigra r1-2
beastlyAMZ 1 vote
5* awakened Doom (5/65)
Luke9523EtjamaFabwiziRenaxqqSoyheyor123Gr8TonyStarkLBN1willrun4adonutZAHIDMALIK1588sirderekoflaneNEOGNO 11 votes
5* Sigil Witch (can awaken and take to 5/65)
6* unawakened Hood r1-2
5* Sig 180 Mojo ( can take to 5/65)
0casual0 1 vote
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