13K prestige need ally

Hi I need a higher AQ map ally with all 3 bgs AW plat 3 at least.


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    SupermancaSupermanca Posts: 222
    We are P4 alliance planning on going to P3 by next season.
    We do maps 665 and score around 450M.
    Alliance prestige around 12.5K
    If interested please message me on line at Superman.ca

    Alliance tag: G2050
    Ingame name: Superman.ca
    Line ID: Superman.ca
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    Sunny7Sunny7 Posts: 43
    If u still looking for alliance u can hmu my line id : cinfrans7
    We're currently stay at p2 war
    And doing AQ map7 full epic mode or map 8
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    Dark_Claw1Dark_Claw1 Posts: 139
    Do you play daily and have the talent to fight bosses?

    Do you have a solid roster of champs and Uncollected?

    Do you want to feel like this is a fun game and not a job?

    Join the Underground Warlords for a game/life balanced alliance.

    We run Map 5 in AQ - NO DONATIONS!

    We run a rotational war season of 2 BGs each war so everyone will war 2 times a week instead of 3 and 8 wars a season instead of 12. This keeps us fresh and are able to manage our items better while earning Gold 2 rewards each season.

    We want experienced players that don’t need to be chased or babysat and can fight. People who think before they move, scout before choosing champs and communicate when stuff happens.

    If you’ve outgrown your current alliance and looking for an upgrade or if you want a more balanced game/life experience than connect with me in Line App.

    I’m an active leader that does a lot of the work so everyone else can just fight. We have great members that will help with end game content advise and we like to share and congratulate members successes.

    darkclawprime - Line ID
    Underground Warlords - UGWLs
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