Best tech for me to rank up

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I have 1 ag as well along with 100 sigs. But was saving it for ghost; dont have her. If the champ u say is worth it, then I can use it. All are 5 stars tho unduped.
I also have a r5 warlock so shall I give the ag to him?

Best tech for me to rank up 14 votes

EtjamaRenaxqq0casual0SpecMmagnus_xix13579rebel_RageFury 7 votes
Omega Sentinel
ShiroiharaMightyD 2 votes
Soyheyor123ZAHIDMALIK1588 2 votes
AdvScrubhan 2 votes
Peni Parker
Riptide 1 vote


  • Gr8TonyStarkGr8TonyStark Posts: 861 ★★★
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    I am at 7.3 btw and my only r5 tech is warlock
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    One general rule I try to follow is to not use AGs on champions that I don't have fully ranked up yet. Chances are that you then just dupe them naturally as you're trying to rank them up, making their initial awakening rather pointless.

    That being said, Warlock does not need to be awakened. It's a moderately neat piece of utility that does nowhere near enough damage in Act 7-type content to be worthwhile. However, it is annoying in AW.

    Of the options you listed, I would probably suggest Guardian. He needs high/max signature to access his full utility so you might as well either start now or wait and build up your sig stones so that you can max him out in one go later on.

    However, I don't really have the others so I can't judge their respective signature abilities.
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