So I ranked someone I can't play properly :/

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So I was watching Swedah L alliance war video and I saw his outstanding damage with Sorcerer supreme and I was hyped for the damage and I enter a fight or 2 to practice and I realized I don't know how to play her, can someone help out?
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    There are three blessings. Fury one (you'll have a passive fury icon), Block one (passive armor icon), and Power one (Passive power gain icon). When a special is thrown in a given blessing, it will give a couple runes, which are the greyed out icons. Fury gives armor break on opponent, armor gives a regen passive and heals you for a BUNCH of damage taken on block, and power gives the opponent a decent length slow. Heavies change blessings. Sp3 gives infinite runes (once per fight) with the corresponding blessing it's thrown in, which makes it great in matchups where you KNOW you'll need something such as permanent slow, or regen on block. Throwing the sp2 is the go-to for both damage and gaining runes. So if you want regen on block, and already gained the permanent slow effect, throw a sp2 in armor mode for regen on block. The sp1 is good for a quick rune effect (1 less rune is given from a sp1 than a sp2 I believe) and an aura for her to nullify buffs. Great for nullification. But Diablo is still number 1 mystic XD
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    there’s a bit more that I skipped over however those basics plus some basic reading should get you to a state in where you can begin to use her effectively

    oh, and do be careful using her against Aarkus
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    Well, the ideal rotation is SP1 - SP2.

    If you start in Fury mode, you attack till Armor Up mode. Launch SP1, you get some regen. Power Gain mode allows you to steal power. When entering Fury mode, launch SP2 for Armor Break and massive damage. Then start over.

    If you face against an evading or unstoppable non-science champion, use your pre-fight to start in Armor Up mode. Then you do the same process: play safe till Power Gain mode and launch SP1, this applies Slow. Then proceed: with Armor Up mode launch SP2. Then SP1 at Power Gain mode. This allows 100% uptime to the Slow debuff.

    SS requires a pretty aggressive and fast play-time. If you miss a mode or gain too much power, either heavy attack to the correct mode or launch SP1 to get rid of some power.

    In a buff-heavy match-up I would cycle pretty much continously SP1 for the nullification aura.
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    He could spam sp2 because he had 5/5 mystic dispersion
    Without MD armor breaks are going to fall off and damage isn't going to be as good
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