Weekly T4CC, Tier 1 AW, 11.5 million looking for a new recruit

Zova Corp is a fun group of players looking to add a long term team member (or two). Our alliance is the top alliance in our family of four alliances and we rarely have openings. Our membership is stable and our leadership is active and involved.

Things to know:
- Your prestige must be 4900 or greater unless you can demonstrate you're ready to grow or have an amazingly unique, diverse AW defense
- We get weekly t4cc playing map 5 and 6 in AQ
- Tier 1 AW
- Very few minimums for alliance events. No arena minimums
- Line app is required.
- Our officers work very hard to make things run smoothly. Prompt communication in AW and AQ is a must.
- contact me in the game (username cupkate), on Line (cupkate678) or contact Fitzpatrick9105 on Line

Don't miss this opportunity! We won't have openings for long!


  • I have 4725 prestige. I have enough to R4 another 5*. Jazz_213 in game name
  • cupkatecupkate Posts: 67
    Thanks Jazz. Find me in Line and we can chat more.

    We're still recruiting so anyone out there is interested drop me a line.
  • Dar_thDar_th Posts: 15
    I wouldn’t mind joining, but I don’t think I have enough prestige. Let me know.
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