Champions Screen select Champions

I think it would be beneficial to be able to select champions from the roster and view them specifically. For example if one has 40-50 champs, they can select 5 and see just those 5.

The reason why is it would make it easier to compare champs especially when they could be spread apart due to rank/lvl and *s as well as class.

I am coming across this more since I'm having to consider which champs to spend resources on to rank up.

I could only select two tags and even then a champ would have to have both to display. So for example, you couldn't select kree and new avengers to see captain marvel and sunspot. Also you couldn't select additional ones to isolate other champs to compare.

Not sure if this has been discussed as I tried searching but also not sure if there is another way to isolate champs on the champions roster screen.
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