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Desperate for a new alliance

Have map 5 experience.
GMT +8
1 r5, 11 r4
Please add me ASAP on line for more details: keshvin.k


  • ParindaParinda Posts: 15
    Agents of ELITES
  • bajone1bajone1 Posts: 67
    Hit me up on line app, id bajone1
  • JJGJJG Posts: 141
    Shields strongest agents
  • Kiki1westKiki1west Posts: 4
    Hi! Im rebuilding our alliance as a place to encourage growth and get player ratings up. A lot of our players have increased substantionally in rating so have moved to our connected alliance for more serious play 24/7. Our alliance is nearly 2million rating and we play war and quest back to back and require everyone to play events. Join if this sounds something that you would be interested in. Or you can add me and I'll send an invite
  • keshvinkeshvin Posts: 40
    Bump. Still looking for alliance
  • Doomsfist79Doomsfist79 Posts: 857 ★★★
    Hey there.. If you are still looking send me a message on line.. solarflare79
  • Hey Keshvin, we have 2 more spots open at our 3.2m alliance. AQ maps 4/5 weekly alternating with map 2s for AW. Add me on line if interested: hit.arc
  • keshvinkeshvin Posts: 40
    Hi guys, found a new home already. Tq.. have a good day
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