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Buff program vs Balance program

ACVWACVW Posts: 11
edited April 2022 in General Discussion
Now that we've seen how the first set of champion balance attributes look, I'm not very optimistic on how the balance program will pan out. A lot of the x/5 scoring I've seen for this first set of champs don't make complete sense, and if that's the basis they're using to determine if a champ is over/under-performing, then I'm worried.

Honestly I wish they would scrap this whole endeavor and revert back to the previous 2 buffs a month of old underperforming champs. I think the community wide acceptance, excitement and appreciation of those efforts are way more worth the resources.

Also given the sub-par/miniscule buffs we got from Psycho-Man and Gamora being the only 2 buffs we've received in just over 4 months, I don't believe Kabam when they keep announcing that the buff program isn't going anywhere... It's going right down the drain in my opinion....


  • K00shMaanK00shMaan Posts: 1,289 ★★★★
    I do agree that the scores felt off but one of the main reasons for that was how Immunities were categorized. Utility in Kabam's system were exclusively benefitting the Sustainability Attribute and not the Utility Attribute. I think a lot of would not categorize it that way. Kabam also made a point about how these scores were based on how the Character was intended to perform rather than specifically how they are actually performing. The justification here was that if a Character had a 5 in damage and was being routinely outdamaged by other Characters who were given a 4 or lower, that Character would get a Buff to their damage output regardless of whether they were performing well overall. Kind of seems like they are trying too hard.
  • ACVWACVW Posts: 11
    Oh I forgot they also buffed Guillotine also. So in 5 months, 1 new useless buff (Psycho-Man), and 2 re-rebuffs that don't seem worth the long time/effort (Guillotine and Gamora).

    Remember when we got buffs like Ultron, Black Panther, Hulkbuster, Colossus, Magneto, Crossbones, Mole Man, Diablo, , etc... That was an exciting time to be playing the gam :neutral:
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